9 Insanely Easy Ways to Make Your Rental Ready for the Holidays


People really look forward to the holidays all year long, and many travel many miles to get together with family and friends. Here are some easy ways to make your rental ready for the holidays.

How do you maximize the guest experience during the holidays? What are important things to stock at your vacation rental for families who celebrate during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or other winter holidays? How do you get your property ready so that guests feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed to be in a place to celebrate annual traditions with family?

Tip #1:


Be certain to have plenty of dishes, flatware, glassware, and wine glasses. There's nothing worse than having 10 people in your rental, and only 8 place settings for the whole group.  Basic white plates and plain wine glasses can be found at your local dollar store. If something breaks, it’s no big deal.

Tip #2:

Also, be sure to have plenty of towels and linens, so the renters won't be have to share towels. Yikes!  

Tip #3:

Make sure your kitchen is well-stocked, with a large roasting pan for turkeys or hams, as well as other large saucepans and baking pans. In addition, be sure you have enough oven mitts, cooking utensils, and serving utensils.

Tip #4:

Set out a new welcome mat, perhaps one that says just plain welcome, or something more seasonal.

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Tip #5:

If you plan on renting your property for Christmas, make sure you have a pre-lit Christmas tree and decorations stored away in a closet or other storage area. An added bonus would be to have it already assembled without ornaments ahead of your guests arrival. Then, they can decorate it to their hearts’ content. You can find pre-lit inexpensive trees at big box stores or at Big Lots, or even at some thrift stores!

Tip #6:

Designate the part of one room (perhaps the living room) where the family can gather for a family picture. Some renters actually rent the same property year after year, and they may want to take their picture in the same place every year.

Tip #7:

To ensure a 5-star rating, have holiday linens appropriate for the holiday on hand. A silver table cloth can be used for the winter holidays, and gold can be used for Thanksgiving.  Again, be sure you have enough napkins and napkin rings for the whole crew. if your dining table has leaves, you may want to insert those leaves before the holiday, to save your renters from having to put the leaves in themselves, potentially scratching your furniture. A table pad is great insurance from spills and other messes.

Tip #8:

You get extra bonus points if you have extra candlesticks and candles (think Dollar Tree) on hand to make their table settings more festive.  Battery operated candles are a great option, if you are concerned about safety.  I like these:

Tip #9:

Leave a holiday-themed note card to welcome your guests and wish them a happy holiday.  Perhaps add a special bottle of sparkling wine for their enjoyment for their holiday dinner.


All of these items can be found online, Hobby Lobby (they have awesome sales before holidays), dollar stores and your local Target store.  I’ve kept budget in mind with these suggestions.

With all of the preparations in place, your renters will be so grateful to you that they did not have to think of some of the details, like bringing their own table linens for their holiday dinners. You will look like a rock star! And aren't those extra STARS exactly what you need to keep your property rented and full?

Now you know some of the best ways to make your rental ready for the holidays (and FULL)! And if you need a little more help getting it all together, contact me here! Or, follow us on Facebook for other great decorating ideas.

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