8 Tips For Selecting Artwork for Your Home So You Don't Hate Where You LIve


Maybe you have just moved in to your new home, apartment, or condo, and it still doesn’t reflect your personality. The type of art you have on the walls will absolutely personalize your space to YOU, because artwork IS so personal. So how do you go about finding artwork for your home or office space?

  1. Visit an art gallery to experience the types of art you are drawn to (haha!)

    And take note of styles of art you absolutely hate. Too Victorian looking? Too abstract? Too muted, or too colorful? There you go—now you are narrowing it down.

  2. Style of furniture

    What is the style of your furniture in your home? If it is mid-century modern, you may want to look for colorful abstract art. If it is transitional in style, just about anything will work. If your furniture is very fussy and ornate, you may want portraits of people or places.

  3. Color of walls

    What are the colors in the room--intense color?  Muted tones?  Neutrals? You would not want to go with very muted artwork in a room that has very brightly colored furniture. That would be like hearing music with instruments that are out of tune. They must complement each other. On the other hand, if you have white or very neutral furniture, it is a great idea to add colorful artwork (and accessories and pillows) to give the room some life and movement.

  4. Purpose of the artwork

    Do you want your artwork to create a sense of whimsy? To tell a family history? To showcase your vacation photos? To remind you of a time in your life?

    Keep these in mind when you select your artwork, and you will see how it will resonate with the room AND with you.

  5. Wall sculpture vs. watercolor vs. oil painting vs. photos vs. framed botanicals

    Your trip to a museum or gallery will give you a better feel on what media you like to see on a wall. Perhaps you want to bring nature into your space, so those framed fern leaves would be just the ticket over your sofa.

  6. Placement of art

    Where do you want to place this artwork? Over a fireplace mantel?  In a bedroom?  Dining room?  Kitchen?  Nursery? On an outdoor patio?

    Don’t forget rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen. Everyone ends up there!

    Not only do you want to select the right artwork, you also want to choose the correct size.

  7. Mood

    Are you wanting to create Hampton beach-y vibe, as in the movie Something’s Gotta Give?  Do you own a sophisticated city loft and want to create that same feel throughout your condo? Select your art on “what you’re going for.”

    In the master bedroom, you want to create a sanctuary, so you’ll want soothing landscapes or muted artwork.

  8. Your tastes

    What types of art appeal to you? Abstract? Realistic? Watercolors? Black and white photography?

    When decorating a room, I will often use a favorite piece of artwork to inspire the colors and mood of the room, If you do that, you will have a home run!

My advice is, when selecting artwork for your home, “Buy what you love.” You will always be able to find a place for something you adore.

Where have you found your favorite pieces of art for your home? Where did you put them? Post in the comments below.