Vacation Rental Design


Payment is required to begin. It can be submitted in a few ways: Paypal Invoice, Venmo, or through my website.  Please message me for the details or if you have another preferred method of payment.

After purchasing your design package, you will receive an email with a link to provide a DESIGN BRIEF for your project as well as a “Vacation Rental Design Questionnaire”.


Once you complete the “Vacation Rental Design Questionnaire” and design brief for your project, the fun part begins! Within 5 business days, you will receive an invitation to a secret Pinterest board where we will collaborate on the project. You will get an initial mood board with all the selections I love together best. From there you may like all the pins on the board with your favorite pieces. Feel free to write a comment if it isn't just right and you don't see an alternative option already on the board. I also include inspiration photos if we have a unique design element so you can envision the idea.  

 I use Pinterest because it is easy for us to comment back and forth anywhere from any device. I will share a variety of ideas and products with you so you have options to select from.  You may order anything as we are designing- but keep in mind that I may be able to save you additional money if I order it direct from the manufacturer.  You will have access to the boards forever! 

Pinterest Process:


1. Check your messages and accept the invitation to the group board. We must follow each other to do this. If you do not follow the board then you will be unable to like and comment on the pieces. 

2. For multi room projects you will see different tabs for each room.  For 1 room projects you will only see one room. Your mood board will be uploaded as well as alternative selections. The mood board contains my favorite combination of pieces but I like to provide a variety of pieces for you to choose from as well! 2 additional alternatives for each piece to the mood board. Any additional pieces will be subject to my hourly sourcing fee of $79 per hour. 


Mood Board Example

3. Once in the board, please like (using the heart) the items that you want to keep for the final design plan. Feel free to comment as well! Leave constructive comments that tell me what you love or dislike about a piece. Any longer questions that you don't want to leave in chat- feel free to email me!

We will collaborate on your preferences before moving on to the next phase for a few days. I won't move on to the render phase until you love the design plan! Renders are only included in the Full Room Design Service. Renders may be added to any other design package for additional fee. 


I will then create a 3D render of your space to give you a visual of how it will look (for full room design service only), a floor plan, set up instructions, and a shopping list. You will receive your DESIGN PACKAGE within 7 business days of me receiving your feedback from the mood board.

One complimentary revision is provided if necessary.

Render Example


I have trade accounts with a lot of the vendors; if you’d like me to order for you, I will be able to give you a discount off the retail pricing where applicable. For some items like pillows and unique decorative pieces, I prefer to use small business with whom I’ve formed relationships! I think everyone should have the best price so I never mark up furniture but instead I like to save a little more on the listed retail price if I am able to!


If you have any questions during the installation phase, please feel free to reach out! I will accept questions submitted by email up to 30 days prior to receiving your Design Package or final furniture delivery (if you used my ordering service).

Above all, my goal is to create a seamless, fun, and easy way for you to transform your home into a space you love!