Getting Ready for Fall--Must-Have Accessories


Yep, I know it's still August.  At least I'm not posting about Christmas!  Seriously, though, if you look in stores now, you will see that they are about a month ahead of the upcoming season or holiday, and if you try shopping during that holiday or season, the good stuff is gone.  That's why, in order to get ready for fall and find the must-have accessories, you need to shop right now!  Trust me on this.

I've curated a group of about 8 accessories that I know you can use not only throughout early fall, but also into Halloween and Thanksgiving.  A couple items you can use into Christmas and some, year-round.  That's why I say they are "must-have accessories."  They are classic and won't go out of style next week.

Must-Have Accessory #1

Antler anything.  Here, we have the cutest little antler motif bowl from Kohls,  but you will see antler chandeliers, antler candle holders, antler coat hooks, antler pillows, antler lamps, and antlers all by themselves.  Add antlers to your fall decor, and you have instant "woods" without being to man-cavey.  Again, you can use these year-round (decorate for Christmas with pine boughs and ribbon).

Must-Have Accessory #2

A cute fall wreath.  Be sure to find one that is large enough for your front door (about half the width of the door or more) and looks somewhat natural.  You can add your initial to the center of it, or a cute plaid bow, and your front door is all set.  This can be kept up until just after Thanksgiving to greet your dinner guests. 

Must-Have Accessory #3

Pillow covers.  Measure your sofa cushions (or buy some fillers) to give your living room and family room holiday flair.  These are covers so you can change them out when autumn is over.  You are not married to pillow covers, so you can swap them out for every season and holiday! Just be sure to buy the right size.

Must-Have Accessory #4

I love white pitchers.  You can scour flea markets and secondhand stores for one, but I found one that is really affordable.  Not only is it functional for days when you want to serve milk June Cleaver-style, but it's perfect for any of your seasonal flower arrangements.  Think: fall picks and cattails for fall, pine or holly branches for Christmas, tulips for springtime, sunflowers for get the idea.  This is the most versatile accessory you can have.  It never goes out of style, it's inexpensive, and you can dress it up or down as much as you like.  What the heck--start a collection!

Must-Have Accessory #5

Plaid runner!  Use it on your dining room table to start a great tablescape.  Use it on your coffee table beneath that antler bowl.  Use it on your mantel with some pumpkins and candles.  Or, get several, and drape them over the back of your dining room chairs.  So cute!

Must-Have Accessory #6

This leather tray from Target is the bomb!  It would look great on your coffee table, on a dresser, on your entryway console to catch mail and keys, and as part of your Thanksgiving tablescape.  This is another year-round piece that is useful and versatile.  Check Pinterest for some fabulous ways to use trays at Christmas!

Must-Have Accessory #7

Life-like autumn garland can be used in so many ways.  I like to use mine over my fireplace mantel to disquise my ugly sound bar when I am decorating it for the fall.  You can cut it in pieces as filler for your trays, hurricane lanterns, drape around your outdoor bench near your front door, use as a base for pumpkins...I found tons of ideas on Pinterest last fall, and had so much fun with it.  

Must-Have Accessory #8

These cute cotton stems add just the right touch of "natural" to your decor.  These would be perfect in the white pitcher, and can be used again to add to your Christmas tree.  You might not be able to use these year-round, but they are unusual enough that you don't see them everywhere.  

Okay, so I'm hoping you're feeling a little bit like fall, but I really want you to be ready.  Get out there to Target, Pier 1, or even the Dollar Tree, and get yourself some must-have accessories for fall, before it's too late.  I've also created a pdf for you if you just want to buy some of these items online (some of the links are affiliate links, so I may earn a little comish is you purchase by way of those links.)

Download it today, and start curating your own fall collection!