Easy Paint Color Palettes for the Master Bedroom (and Other Bedrooms)

paint colors for the bedroom

Picking paint colors can be very scary for many folks…especially for a room they spend a third of their lives in. But it doesn’t need to be so scary.

You know, you hear that “bedrooms should be blue” because it is such a restful color. But what if you don’t like blue?

That’s perfectly fine. Not every bedroom needs to be blue to give a person a wonderful night’s sleep. Does every hotel room you sleep in have blue walls? I bet not.

And what if you are painting a nursery or a little girl’s room? Why not just go with what you like?

Paint Last

You absolutely can go with any color you like. Just don’t pick the paint color first, or you will never find the right color bedding and accessories and artwork to go with that wonderful shade of aqua that you loved in that model home you saw last weekend.

Paint is easy to change, so you pick that color last.

You can match it to so many things, because paint is custom-mixed. The colors I am highlighting in this post are all by Sherwin-Williams, as it is readily available in most parts of the US.

Sample Paint Palettes

Oh, yeah, that’s all well and good, but what if you haven’t even begun to plan your bedroom?

These next three palettes (or color schemes) can give you a little inspiration. (You can see how these color actually look in various rooms by going to the Sherwin-Williams website and looking at rooms in a larger scale.)

A Blue Palette

This includes that proverbial blue color, with a couple of surprising coordinating colors. I’d do the ceiling in the Incredible White, with the walls being Jetstream. You can try Warm Stone as an accent wall, or use this grey-blue color in your bedding.


A Neutral Palette with Warm Undertones

This palette not only is neutral, but the Copper Harbor adds interest! Try adding pillows and artwork in the Copper Harbor family to add interest to that neutral bedroom.


A Neutral Palette with Pink Undertones

This is a more feminine color palette, while still remaining fairly neutral. But even the manliest-man won’t find this palette too “girly” for him.


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Use Artwork to Inspire Your Colors

Honestly, my favorite way to develop a paint palette for any space is to use a piece of artwork I love. I did this when I decorated a space at the Junior League Decorators’ Show House a few years back.

I have always loved the whimsy of The Marvelous Sauce, which hangs in my own little town’s Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Using that piece to inspire my colors was so simple. Check it out; it now hangs in my dining room!

But what if your rich Uncle Albert has bequeathed you a Van Gogh original, such as A Starry Night? (And you actually love it.) Here is a sample of a color palette inspired by a piece of artwork:


Notice that some of the palette was taken from the stars, the tree, as well as the sky.

Or, let’s say you found a beautiful fabric that you plan to incorporate in the bedroom. In that case, do this:

Use Fabric to Create Your Color Palette

tinified rose fabric palette.png

You see how, although there are many colors, they all go together because they are tied into the fabric palette? Easy peasy. There is no one color that sticks out like a sore thumb here. You could add accent pillows, accessories, the mattes to framed artwork, draperies, and sheets to really pull in all these colors. You would have your own custom-designed bedroom.

And shopping by color is so easy. You immediately eliminate colors that just won’t match.

Use artwork, fabrics, and the advice of your paint department or decorator to help you create that soothing, beautiful bedroom.

There is nothing so wonderful and relaxing than coming home from the busy-ness of the day and into your own private sanctuary. I wrote about how to create a Romantic Bedroom here, and it includes another paint color palette.

Added bonus: a good night’s sleep!

And if you have trouble getting the right shade, tint, value, or hue of what you are looking for (can’t find that green with undertones of pink?), then give me a call. I would love to help you find just the right colors for your bedroom!