18 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Sexy and Romantic

Create a Romantic and Sexy Bedroom

The bedroom is the sexiest room in the house. Or is it?

It's been said that the bedroom should be for two things only: sleeping and sex.

Not watching TV, not working, not talking on the phone, not browsing your iPad, not even for reading a book. Sleeping and sex only. Can you say that about your bedroom?

So how do you make your bedroom the sexiest room in the house? Here are some suggestions to spark that passion.

Ignite With Visuals

Let's start with visuals, since so many people find presentation is the most important part of the meal!


While red is a very “hot” and passionate color, it can also stimulate your appetite. Don’t believe me? Check out the color of the walls at your favorite restaurants! (Take that, Christian Gray!)

Pale and neutral colors lend a more restful atmosphere to the bedroom. Pale blues, very light blush colors, and warm neutrals like these are all great bedroom colors for the walls.


Whatever you do, stay away from yellow, as it can be an agitating color. You won’t sleep well.

Mood light

You obviously need lighting on either side of the bed, but consider hiring an electrician to add dimmer switches to your bedroom. Just be sure your light bulbs are not fluorescent, and that the bulbs are dimmable.


You would typically think that candles and fireplaces will create a very inviting, sexy environment. But Feng Shui experts say this is NOT the case! Fire increases the negative energy in the bedroom, they assert. Rather, bring a water feature into the bedroom to increase creativity and personal attraction! (See below.)

Eliminate distraction

Photos of your parents? Your kids? Take them out of your bedroom and put them in the family room! Do you really want to have another set of eyes on you in the bedroom?

Other distractions are excess clutter or work spaces. Pay your bills anywhere else but your bedroom.

And for goodness’ sake, get the exercise equipment out!

Seduce With Sound

Remember old mix tapes? You can use the same idea by creating a playlist using streaming music stations like Amazon Music or Pandora. You can make it something romantic, or something like ambient music to help you sleep. My favorite is the sound of ocean waves. You may like thunderstorms.

Did you ever wonder why when you walk into a spa you immediately feel relaxed? It's probably because they have a small fountain bubbling in the corner. The sound of trickling water is very relaxing, and created an entirely new ambiance in your bedroom. Give it a try, as fountains are not very expensive.

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Arouse With Aromas

Our sense of smell is the best developed of all the senses; even babies know their mother’s smell. Why not use scent to imprint the feeling of sensuality and relaxation with various aromas?

Incense or scented candles; essential oils

Add some of your favorite incense sticks to your nightstand, or burn a scented candle. So inexpensive, and adds so much to your room! Jasmine and sandalwood are favorites. Be sure to use non-toxic essential oils if you have pets.

Spray sheets and pillow with lavender or vanilla

Before making your bed, add a quick spritz of these fragrances. Try Bath and Body Works or other retailers for linen spray.

Wax melts

These come in a variety of fragrances. You can find these easily at Home Goods or Yankee Candle. Stick with something clean smelling, not too floral. Be sure to select a burner that uses a light bulb as a warmer, and never leave your warmer unattended.

Scented massage oil

This kind of says it all…choose what you love! Keep it in your nightstand.

Tempt With Touch

A well-made bed has a few layers. Check YouTube for innovative ways to style your bed.

Soft , clean sheets

Buy the highest thread count you can afford. They will feel like silk. I remember staying in a bed and breakfast in Lake George last summer with high thread count sheets, and looked forward to getting between them each night.

If you live in a cold clime, like I do, flannel sheets are a godsend.


Choose accent pillows, headboard, lamp shades and other decor with texture in mind. A fun furry pillow is perfect to add to the bed, just as satin sheets add interest!

Puffy, warm duvet and cover

After a long day, there is nothing like sinking into a puffy, sumptuous duvet. Not only is it warm, it just envelops your body into a cozy cocoon. Mmmmm…

Faux fur throws and rugs

The feel of these on your feet are like walking on a cloud. And they are super-affordable and found everywhere!

Billowy curtains

You may as well live in Dracula’s castle if you want heavy, velvet curtains. Instead, use lightweight and sheer billowy curtains. You can use blinds or roman shades to keep out the light and add privacy, but lightweight curtains will remind you of vacationing in the tropics!

Canopy bed

Well, these are what I consider a luxury. However, you can create a canopy-bed-like appearance by doing some YouTube searches.

I once made my own bed a “canopy” with an old Christopher Lowell HGTV episode. Some wooden dowels, fabric, eye bolts and anchors and some chain hung from the ceiling worked perfectly. (However, when we moved, I was sure to thoroughly cover up those holes in the ceiling…!)

Tempt the Taste Buds


What is bedtime without a glass of wine, or a bottle to share? Choose your favorite, making sure it’s not too acidic (read: heartburn city). For real luxury, use a chiller on a coaster on the nightstand.

Snacks like cheese and fruit; keep chocolates in the nightstand drawer

Ya gotta keep your strength up. Even if you forgo the cheese or fruit, having chocolate close by is a great way to end the evening!

Increase Energy

Copper on man’s nightstand; Red on woman’s night stand

Again, Fung Shui experts attest to heightened sensual awareness if something of these colors are kept on nightstands.

Rose quartz and Amethyst

Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse says, “In my opinion, Rose Quartz and Amethyst make the ultimate crystal couple for the bedroom. They marry your intuitive love with the love that’s in your heart.”

So,we need to increase our energy, make things visual and sensual. How else can we make our bedroom the sexiest room in the house? (Keep your comments clean!)