Home Staging Consultation

Are you overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to do to get your home to sell fast and for the most money possible?

Are you going from the front door, then to the kitchen, then to the bathrooms, and don’t know where to start, or whether you should bother to paint the basement floor? What is going to give you the most bang for your buck? What do you need to focus on? Where do you start?

What would it feel like if you knew exactly what to do to get your home picture-perfect, and have it show beautifully online and in person? How would it feel if, after you’ve done all that work, that the house sold in record time AND for bigger bucks than you imagined? And how would it feel if you could move into your new dream home, confident that you only have one mortgage to pay?

First, let me say, I know how it is.

Getting a home ready for sale can take as long as a year, and you don’t have that long. You are motivated, and you want it done yesterday. You have a life.

Your property needs to look fabulous from the get-go, as most home buyers look online first and weed out the crappy looking homes. They don’t want to spend their weekends fixing things up, because they don’t have the time (just like you.) They want a kitchen that looks clean and efficient, a living room perfect for entertaining, and a sexy master bedroom. They want something that is move-in ready, and you are going to give them just that.

Introducing: The Home Staging Consultation

I am going to show you, step by step, how to get your property Open House ready. And I’ll be honest with you on what you can gloss over, and what will need to be done, so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. You won’t be giving up your weekends and sweating while painting the basement floor, because that’s just a waste of your precious time.

What You’ll Get

  • A 90-minute walk and talk meeting with me, where I tell you what to keep, what to pack, and what to change or add

  • Time to pick my brains

  • My experience as a former real estate agent to guide you on what to spend your time on and what to gloss over

  • Tips and hacks on how to live in your newly staged property, even with kids and pets

  • Our exclusive 50-page Home Evaluation Handbook, customized for your property so you have a written checklist for each room, and places to purchase other accessories or fixtures, if I deem them necessary

  • A 4 oz. Odor Neutralizing Spray, for those times that Uncle Eddie comes over for your fish fry, and decides to light up his favorite stogy. Perfect to spray before showings and open houses

  • Confidence to get started right away, so you have direction

  • My private resource list of tradesmen I love and have used for getting other homes sold fast, so you can get help if needed

Here’s what a past Consultation client had to say:

Kathie went above and beyond to help prepare our home for showings. She had some great suggestions and was a pleasure to work with. —Heidi R., Amherst

The Benefits to You

  • You won’t be running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to decide if you should completely remodel the kitchen or just paint it

  • You won’t be wasting time doing things that will never affect the price of your property (like painting the basement)

  • You’ll know what you can pre-pack

  • Peace of mind knowing you are organized and ready

  • You’ll save time and money by not buying the wrong paint colors

  • You will have my list of trusted resources (painter, handy man, house cleaner, etc.) so you don’t have to waste time finding someone who is trustworthy and reliable

  • You’ll be able to “live” in your house and be ready for a showing on a moment’s notice

The Process is Simple

  1. After you have scheduled your 20-minute discovery call, I will phone you at the appointed time to find out more about your property. And you will get to know me, too.

  2. We schedule a visit to the home, and I sit with you for a few more minutes. Then we start walkin’ and talkin’! We start at the front door, and go as far as we can in our allotted time. You can ask as many questions as you want. I use my experience as a stager and a real estate agent to guide the process and recommendations.

  3. You can take notes to help you remember the important points.

  4. At the end, I may take a few extra minutes to complete the Exclusive Home Evaluation Handbook, so you have “marching orders.” This is your Plan. I also give you my list of trusted trades, in case you want to hire help.

  5. If you like, we can talk more about us actually doing the staging for you at another time, but this is not mandatory. Many of my clients do it completely on their own, using the handbook and their notes as their guide.

  6. You’ll also receive showing instructions, as well as how to live in your “staged” property so you can still be comfortable and ready at a moment’s notice for showings.

  7. We say goodbye, and you will have my email address in case you have a question you forgot to ask, or need my opinion on something.

  8. You get to work on preparing the property yourself (hopefully with some help from your family and friends.)

  9. You list your property.

  10. You prepare yourself mentally to move into your new dream home, because you should be getting showings and offers.

Here are examples of those who have gone before you:


Why Would you Wanna Work with Me?

I am a master home stager with 9 years in the business, and with a background in selling real estate.

Who Is This Service For?

  • The do-it-yourselfer with a limited budget

  • The Real Estate Agent who wants to add value to their clients, as well as receive a faster and higher commission check (because of a faster sale)

  • The motivated home seller, who maybe has already purchased their dream home

  • Families who need to sell an estate quickly and for the most money possible

  • Anyone who needs to sell their property fast and maximize their equity (divorce, death, etc.)

Who Is This Service NOT For?

  • Someone who does not value the expertise of a former real estate agent and experienced home seller

  • Someone who believes their home will sell “as-is”

  • Someone who is unmotivated to sell their property quickly

  • Someone who is unmotivated to get the most $$$ for their house

  • Someone who cannot physically do the work themselves to make the property show competitively on the market

  • Someone who thinks their home is already perfect because s/he spent a fortune on custom interior decoration

  • Someone who just wants to “wait and see” what offers they get if they put their property on the market

  • Someone who is not ready to leave their home

  • A hoarder (they will need more professional help than we can offer)

Ready to Schedule Your Consultation?

Great, we are happy to help. To get started, contact me with the best phone number to reach you, and I can get you on my calendar. I can take your fee over the phone to reserve your spot. I am usually booked out 2 weeks in advance, so if you have a specific date in mind for putting your property on the market, you will need to contact me sooner rather than later.


How much does it cost? My fee is $247 for a private 90 minute consultation and for our Exclusive Home Evaluation Handbook.

That seems like a lot. Can you give me a reduced rate if I have a small house? If you complete the items that we recommend, you will increase your profit (“equity”) on your property by hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars. How much is that worth to you? Your home is your biggest asset, and whether you own a little ranch or a sizeable home, we will use every minute of that time block to be as thorough as possible. I hold nothing back.

Can my Realtor come, too? Absolutely. The more the merrier. And you will have the added support of an extra set of eyes and ears, just in case you missed something. (If you want to involve your children, they can attend, too.)

I’m a Real Estate Agent. Who pays for this? Typically, any Agent I’ve worked with pays for the Consultation. It’s their way of standing out from competing sales agents, and is a value-add for their clients. If you want to share the cost with your home seller, that is also an option.

Are you going to judge my decor? No, our goal is to maximize what you have, and go from there. We make suggestions and recommendations, and sometimes we suggest painting a more neutral color. We guarantee that your property will have an improved position in the real estate market.

What if I don’t like your suggestions and recommendations? Remember, the changes we suggest are only temporary. After the property gets a solid offer and gets bank approval, you can exhale and live more relaxed!

I live in Niagara County. Do you come to my neck of the woods? We realize that there are few staging professionals in our area, so we also serve Niagara and counties adjacent to Erie County. There is an additional $50 travel fee.

Can I pay you when you get here, after the consultation? We get paid upfront, as this is how we reserve your appointment.

I have an open house next week. Can you come tomorrow? Actually, no, we usually book at least 2 weeks out. Please take this into consideration when planning the date for your open house. You will need a cushion of time to get your home ready for its big reveal.

I have a dog and cats. Is that a problem? We love animals, too! But for the consultation, you need to put them in a separate area, so I don’t get distracted by your sweet fur babies. Believe me, that would eat up a lot of your time!

I work during the day. Can you come in the evening or on a weekend? No, we work Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM. I am married to a wonderful fellow, and my evenings and weekends are for our time together.

I can’t do this all on my own. Now what? If you do not have the ability to complete the work yourself, we will give you our recommendations for our trusted tradesmen. If all you need is staging, you can check out our other staging services like a 2-Hour Speed Staging or our Full- or Half-Day Staging Services.

You’ve already done my consultation. Can I call or text you to get your opinion on a paint color? We are available by email, and answer our emails during our business day. It’s just another way I keep my 40-year marriage together. ;-)

Not Quite Ready Yet To Work Together?

That’s okay. You can always follow my blog, or sign up for your FREE copy of our Home Staging Cheat Sheet.