New Year = New Decor!


The Holidays are Over

Oh, boy. The holidays have already come and gone, and all decorations are put away. I don’t know about you, but when everything is naked again, it’s a bittersweet sigh of relief! It’s my “blank slate.”

And then I get a hankering for doing something new to decorate my home. This year, I treated myself to a really cute clearance-priced quilt and pillow sham set for my bed, with a winter theme that I can keep on my bed until March (or June—I live in Buffalo.) But my living room, dining room, and family room are screaming for some new decor!

Yours, too?

First, Make a Plan (or a Wish)

What room do you want to focus on? Does it just need a fresh coat of paint? New window treatments? Would that cool piece of artwork in your living room look better in your family room?

Bedroom—Would you like to take advantage of January White Sales? You can get new bedding, sheets, bedskirts, etc. for a song this month! Otherwise, you will have to wait for July.

Bathroom—White sales also include towels and linens! How about a set of fluffy white bath towels and a new shower curtain? You can wake up every morning and feel like you are in a spa (or at the very least, a hotel room!)

Entryway—This is where your guests get their first impression of your home. Is it tidy? Could it use a fresh new rug? Would a vase of tulips or forsythia or other early-springtime flowers be a colorful welcome for them? What is hanging on the wall facing the door? (Hopefully, not a mirror, as it is bad Feng Shui.)

Start Small—Really Small

Okay, when I say small, I mean something simple. Change out that rug in your entryway. Clear off the mail from the dining room table. Put all of the shoes away that are cluttering your family room. Dust. Move stuff around.

If you want to treat yourself to just one piece of artwork over your bed, that is a great start. (I wrote some blog posts on selecting and hanging artwork here.)

Have you been meaning to change out those curtains or valance in your guest bath? Do it! Then maybe you can begin to think about a paint color for that guest bath. Painting just this small room will give you a feeling of accomplishment, much like a snowball rolling down a hill!

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Don’t Be Afraid to Hire Help

I hate painting—it stems from when I was a teenager and my dad expected us to paint our own bedrooms. I dislike it, but I’m really good at it. Especially woodwork! But I’m old enough now to realize that I don’t want to spend my weekends painting even the smallest of rooms. I hire painters now. They are professional, have all the necessary equipment to get way up high, and are worth getting my weekends back!

You can hire a cleaning company if you just want to spruce up your home, or a landscaping company to refresh your curb appeal. It’s all in the trade off—time vs. professional help.

Perhaps you just need a shove in the right direction. You just need help selecting a paint color for your dreary north-facing family room, or the perfect shade of grey to match the backsplash in your kitchen. That’s when you call for a designer or decorator to give you a color consultation, so you get it right the first time.

Don’t Overthink—Just Plan and Do.

It might take some planning as well as some dreaming, and that is what professionals help us do. Ask for help if it is beyond your abilities or your available time.

What projects have you been putting off that you plan to tackle in 2019? Will they help you live more comfortably and more beautifully?

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