Dual Purpose Furniture to Make the Most of Your Small Space for 2018

So you just found a really affordable place to call your own (or maybe it's your first dorm room.)  How do you make the most of your small space?  What kinds of furniture will have dual purpose to maximize your new tiny home?  Check out what we found for 2018!

Space Saving Bedroom Furniture

We all remember Murphy beds from the show Two Broke Girls.  (I actually had a friend from aboiut 40 years ago who had a Murphy bed in her first apartment, and it was actually part of the architecture.)  In my opinion, they have never gone out of style.  Check out this one from Resource Furniture!

Transforming Storage Furniture

There's nothing better than a great place to "stash and dash" clutter when you end up with an unexpected guest (or your future mother-in-law.)  I found this great coffee table that looks a lot more chic than a storage ottoman or steamer trunk.  The lid pops up with enough room to hide all sorts of clutter, toys, slippers, and empty pizza boxes.  

Collapsible Dining Table

Do you owe some of your friends for the times they've had you over, yet you're thinking you don't have the room for a dinner party?  Look no further than this very affordable dinner table from Target.  It uses "gate legs" to expand enough to have 4-6 guests for a fun evening of wine and your gourmet cooking!   It becomes a console by day, to be used in an entry hall or accent table beneath your television.  

Modular Sofas for Small Spaces

West Elm has created this great buildable modular sofa, so you can configure it to be as large or as small as your space allows.  The pieces can be easily moved from room to room (or apartment to new house) and are certain to fit through even the smallest of doorways or staircases.  

Convertible "Guest Room"

I posted this cool ottoman last week, and I think it is ingenious.  Perfect to create a twin bed where you need it!  We even considered it when my sister broke her ankle and could not go up the stairs.  

Budget-friendly Small Kitchen Tables

When we were new home buyers, our new kitchen was not intended to be an eat-in kitchen.  We sure could have used this little piece to make a quick place to have breakfast or for soup on a Saturday.  I love how it only takes up about 2 feet of space when it is folded up.  

With all of these new products, you don't have to feel like you are camping while living in a small place.  You can live large while using these dual purpose furniture pieces to make the most of your small space for 2018!

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