Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxurious Spa--With The Best Bath Towels

Best bath towels to buy for my home or airbnb or vacation rental. I love the softness and luxurious feeling of all of these bath towels for your guests.  Affordable, too! #airbnb #vrbo #homeaway #vacation rental

Finding the Best Bath Towels for Home or Your Vacation Rental

When hopping out of a shower, there’s nothing like a fluffy white towel to start your day to make you feel pampered.

When I was staging properties, I always used white towels to evoke the feeling of cleanliness and spa-like bathrooms. I didn’t care much how durable they were. No one was going to be using them.

I usually picked mine up at Target, but they don’t carry the Fieldcrest brand that I like anymore. But they were inexpensive, and suited my purpose.

But for your own home, for your guest bathroom, and even for your short-term rental properties, you want towels that pamper you (or your guests) like those in your favorite 5-star hotel.

And they are actually so easy to care for!

Here are some of my favorite and AFFORDABLE towels to get you started!

Invest in Practical Towels

If you aren’t using these little babies, you are going to not only ruin your pillowcases and sheets, but your other towels will become stained with mascara and other makeup. Many types of makeup are made from oils, which can be a pain in the stain removal butt.

Invest in these. They are absorbent, practical, and soooo cute!

When I travel, I don’t like to use black washcloths that say “Makeup Removal”. But these? I’d use them in a heartbeat and save myself or my host lots of headaches and money.

And did I mention, they are also inexpensive? Replacing them is no big deal.

Buy Luxury (Without Spending Like the Rockefellers)

I adore Luxor brand towels and linens. I know they are top quality and are going to last a very long time.

These are the Fiona Dotted Luxury Towels, and they come in 4-piece sets. I love that there is an extra washcloth.

They are super-fluffy and speak “Spa” to me. These cute towels above have a cute little bead detail on them, which make them unique.

Always go with white. Even if your favorite towel brand is no longer available, you can still fill in with more white towels without worrying about the right shade of blue or grey or whatever.

Stick with white.

Buy 3 Times The Amount of Guests You Can Accommodate

Be sure to purchase 3 X the amount of guests you can accommodate if you run a vacation rental. One for immediate use, and two for backups in locked closet will keep you or your cleaning staff from spending hours on laundry while waiting to turnover a property.

The above towels are the Arabella Luxury Towels from Luxor, and they also come with an extra washcloth (4-piece set).

These are very basic yet luxurious, using 100% ring spun Cotton. They actually come gift-boxed!

Amazon Towels

The above sets of towels (in sets of 6!) are also cost-effective, and are very highly rated on Amazon’s website. Use your Prime membership to get them in just a couple of days! They actually sell for less than $50 per set.

Laundering and Care

Remember to launder all of the towels as indicated on the labels.

I typically wash in cold water so stains don’t set, and dry in a warm dryer. Oxy-clean or another non-chlorine bleach work well.

Remember not use fabric softener, which will affect how absorbent the towels are over time.

When selecting towels, choose the best you can afford.

There is no sense getting something from a wholesale club or budget department store, because believe me, those towels will not last and will be the first to go to the rag bag!

If you choose them in person, go with not just the feel, but also try to see through them. If you can’t, chances are they are going to suit you well!

If this is still rather overwhelming for you, if you are a new vacation rental host, or a Superhost that wants to improve their ranking, schedule a FREE 15 minute phone call with me.

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My goal is to help you create the most unique, beautiful, and booked-solid vacation rental listing possible so you can raise your rates and realize more profits on your investment.

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