4 No-Fail Ways to Get Your Girlfriend to Move In With You

Get Her To Move In With You

Are you in a relationship and you want to take it to the next level?  No, not that--I mean moving in together.  I found some sure-fire ways to get your girlfriend or partner to move in with you.

I have a friend who recently became engaged. She refused to move in with her fiance prior to getting married, and I asked her why. She said because she told him she would not move in with him until he cleaned up all of his crap. So how do you get her to move in with you? Here are some pointers.

Minimize Your Stuff

Clean up your crap. If you are a slob, that is a big red flag for her. She will interpret this as just more work for her, kind of like being your mom. Get rid of anything that is excess.

Make space for her stuff. Make sure to leave room in your closet. Give her two-thirds of it if you need to! She wants to feel welcome. Get rid of all of your out-of-season clothes, hunting gear, hockey gear, etc.

Create a space for everything, so it is handy and you know where it is. There are great storage furniture pieces you can buy, so you can put your videos, gun magazines, etc. away, and they won't be hanging around your living room. They aren't very expensive, look at this one here.

Pay particular attention to the bathroom. If you have a vanity, and only one sink, be sure to clean out all the drawers on one side of the vanity for her hair things, makeup, body lotions, and other feminine sundries. If you feel particularly ambitious, put a liner on the bottom of the drawers.

Make Your Girlfriend Feel Welcome

Add gender neutral linens. Think "luxury hotel room". No Adirondack-style bedding, plaid, curtains, dark brown leather, etc. But you don't have to use butterflies and roses, either. Simple prints work best.

Get some decent artwork, and hang it up. You can find inexpensive artwork at HomeGoods, thrift stores, consignment stores, and my favorite place, Amazon

Get rid of a couple large pieces of furniture, if it is stuff you don't want to hang on to. Then, ask her to help you shop for something new.

Make the Place Look Like a Place She'd Like to Live In

Rugs are so underrated. If you have bare floors, invest in some larger area rugs, and be sure that at least the front legs of your furniture sit on top of it. If you have bare floor in your dining room, get a rug that is large enough for all chairs to fit on and stay on if somebody gets up from the table.

If you have the room, find a space in your place that she can call her own. Whether it be an office that has her own desk, a room to call her own if she likes to sew or do crafts, or in or an empty closet that could be converted into a wrapping center. Figure out what she likes to do, and make a place for her in your place to do that.

Have a Party!

Dishes and glassware are important. Be sure to have at least place settings for four people. You know she's going to want to invite her parents over, or her BFF and her boyfriend, or just other friends. Extra wine glasses are a bonus! If you like coffee and she likes tea, be sure to add a coffee maker to your kitchen counter, so she can have her morning fix.

You get extra points if you add something pretty, like a plant or a flower arrangement for the kitchen table.

Yes, all this takes effort to get your girlfriend to move in with you, but she will see how much you have done to accommodate her and to get organized, so she will feel comfortable moving into a place that is not still a bachelor pad or an old college dorm.

If you create a space that looks a grown up, she will really appreciate that, and it will pay off in spades!